Shipping Policies

 Special Notes: Aiona Alive products contain “live” collagen.

“Live” collagen products are temperature sensitive and must be shipped in special insulated cartons. ICE PACKS are required.
“Live” collagen products must always be shipped & stored in temperatures between 5 F and 85 F or -15 C and 29 C.

Retail Shopper

Shipping and Handling:
• All orders are shipped via Express Post.
• Pricing is in Canadian dollars and priced before taxes.

Sales less than:
$250, before taxes: $29.95
$251 to $650, before taxes: $24.95
Over $650, before taxes: $19.95

Retail Store Owners/Makeup Artists

Purchase Value Shipping & Handling Charge

less than $600 100% paid by Wholesale Distributor
$601 to $1900 $100 paid by Wholesale Distributor
over $1900 Prepaid By Aiona Alive

Master Distributors

Shipping and Handling:

• All freight and all related logistics costs, such as duty and brokerage are the sole responsibility of the Master Distributor.
• Aiona Alive does not pay any portion at all.

Shipping Lead Time:
• Orders will be shipped within 48 hours.