When celebrities who can choose to use "anything", choose "aiona alive" products, you know there must be a good reason!

What is aiona alive?

aiona alive is revolutionary. It brings skin care to a new level, by using a pure form of Collagen from the underbelly of the silver carp fish. This particular fish contains higher than average amounts of collagen, where the molecules are small enough to penetrate our epidermis, which makes them more compatible for human use when compared to other types of cold water fish like salmon or trout. 

aiona alive only provides the best of the daily skin regime. Aiona translates to ‘eternal’. Our products are 100% natural; with various sources of peptides and micro collagen.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is an important protein. Amino acids, viatamins and polypeptides  – the basis for our skincare products – creates a wearable, breathable moisture mask, locking in aiona alive's active ingredients.

Mary Louise Parker- Aiona Alive hyaluronic acid serum and live collagen moisturizer user

Mary Louise Parker

The Aiona Alive skincare products are absolutely wonderful - You can feel them working immediately and the results are so quick it's like a magic trick - knowing that they are free of parabens and by products and were created in a thoughtful and holistic way makes them the perfect regiment.


Adam Beach

Lisa started using her skin care products, Aiona Alive on my skin towards the end of last season on Artic Air. I noticed after a few days that the texture and feel on my skin had started to change. Since using Aiona Alive skincare this season, I’ve noticed a significant change in the overall look of my skin. With the 0-3 steps, using the acne collagen, the texture of my skin is smoother, my acne scars are softening, I have far fewer acne breakouts and I have an overall youthful glow to my skin. As an actor in the film industry working on set up to 17 hours a day, I wear a lot of makeup – everyday. It’s great to know that my skin is protected while being nourished and healed with Aiona Alive Skincare.


Lucy Davis- Aiona Alive hyaluronic acid serum and live collagen moisturizer user

Lucy Davis

LOVE those Step one and step two serums! They’ve made a huge difference - thank u! 🌱


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Mishal Cazmi

"[Lana Condor] is so good at taking care of her skin. She’ll come to work with face masks on." So what does her makeup artist use to prepare her skin for makeup?..."serums from Canadian skincare brand Aiona Alive"...


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Gavin Leatherwood

Today we used @aionaalive moisturizer...


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Taylor Doucette

Oh man, this cleanser is the cleanser of my dreams. I’ve tried a lot of cleansers in my lifetime and none of them have ever compared to this one. This is the Aiona Alive E-Citrus Exfoliating Cleanser and it is 85% organic with 100% natural ingredients with live collagen. It gently exfoliates with decyl glucoside, a natural surfactant, while other ingredients such as yellow dock treat acne and psoriasis. Another ingredient in this cleanser, Usnea tincture, has anti-bacterial properties and helps keep the skin free of bacteria and dirt. I am honestly shocked at how quickly my skin has cleared up ever since I switched to this cleanser. My face just feels so clean and fresh after using it!


Ankita Agrawal

Wednesday’s mean #selfcare. I am so excited to share two skincare products that I am loving right now and yes, they are meant for acne-prone skin as well @aionaalive. It’s all naturals skin care line, is developed by using carp collagen. Aiona Alive ingredients rates 3 or under in EWG’s skindeep.com. An ultimate skin care treatments without hurting the skin with chemicals or the planet.


Halee Etter

My skin has been looking extra dewy thanks to @aionaalive collagen + moisturizing set


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Maiesha SavvvyVogue

@aionaalive uses Silver Carp collagen as the main ingredient for their products. Its molecules are small thus effectively penetrating the skin, which puts this product way ahead of its counterparts. 🌿

The Collagen Serum is the ideal choice if you are looking to have a plump & smooth skin. This was my first time using live collagen on my skin and I absolutely love the results.


Jennifer Catherine

I've used this @aionaalive e-citrus exfoliating cleanser a few times now and I'm liking it. I like that the cleanser doesn't make my face feel tight and dry after using it. It also removes makeup well.


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@purpicks gives honest reviews of non-toxic & organic skincare products. They put together a list of the most stellar natural face washes - and our E-Citrus Cleanser made the list!


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Jaclyn Baker

The Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Aiona Alive is soooo good. It’s super hydrating, plumping, and overall fabulous. Once the serum absorbs, I will finish off with the Aiona Alive night cream. Yes, I use night cream in the AM too.


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Michelle Averitt

I’ve been using and loving this Citrus Exfoliating Cleanser by Aiona Alive for a few weeks now. It’s all natural ingredients penetrate deep into the pores removing dirt and makeup while exfoliating. I find it to be gentle yet effective.


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Ashley Buchkoe

I love using this collagen leave-on moisturizer (great for acne prone skin) for day time and the night creme before bed from @ainonaalive! They make my skin feel so soft and clear! The first time I used their products I was hooked! Their packaging is even 100% eco-friendly! 🌿