Natural. Non-Toxic. Nourishing.

Aiona Alive Natural Skin Care is a Vancouver, BC-based natural skin care line developed for high performance. Our magic ingredients? Silver Carp Collagen, Vitamins C & E, amino acids, 5 Peptides including the exclusive Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, Hyaluronic Acid and Plant Extracts. Together, these powerful ingredients create a clean beauty line that improves your skin's strength and elasticity, and fights the relentless effects of aging.

Powerful Ingredients. Real Results.

Everything we put into our products is hand-picked to make sure it's safe and leaves your skin healthy, supple and smooth.

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Meet the Maker

Lisa Strong has devoted herself to developing the purest skin care products on the market today. As a professional makeup artist Lisa has seen firsthand the damage that petrochemical-laden beauty products can do to our skin. Aiona Alive was created so everyone can enjoy skincare that's not only natural, but safe and effective.

Real Customers, Real Testimonials

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Mary Louise Parker

"The Aiona Alive skincare products are absolutely wonderful! You can feel them working immediately and the results are so quick, it's like a magic trick — knowing that they are free of parabens and by products and were created in a thoughtful and holistic way makes them the perfect regiment."

Mishal Cazmi

"[Lana Condor] is so good at taking care of her skin. She’ll come to work with face masks on." So what does her makeup artist use to prepare her skin for makeup?..."serums from Canadian skincare brand Aiona Alive"...

Lucy Davis

LOVE those Step 1 and Step 2 serums! They’ve made a huge difference — thank u!