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Silver Carp Collagen

Exclusively sourced from Europe, this source of collagen is the only type of collagen where the molecules are small enough to penetrate the top layer of skin.

As a freshwater fish, Silver Carp are also not exposed to as many toxins as ocean breeds. This helps to make this collagen the most compatible for skincare.


Combining our amino acid rich peptide cream with other serums triggers collagen production for firm, youthful skin.

Our exclusive peptide formula is the secret to:

  • Improved skin barrier
  • Less wrinkles and dark age spots
  • Firmer skin


Vitamins are skin fuel. Our products are packed with vitamins C and E which helps to:

  • Ease inflammation
  • Clear breakouts
  • Rejuvenate dull, tired skin

EWG proven goodness.

Every ingredient in our products are rated 3 or under by EWG's Skin Deep Database - the globally trusted system for chemical safety ratings.

I have been using Aiona Alive religiously for 4 years. NOTHING beats it. I have super sensitive skin and this has never aggravated it.

Lara H

15 years and thousands of faces later…

After more than a decade of working onset as a celebrated tv make-up artist, Lisa Strong saw first hand the negative effects of many modern skincare brands. Struggling to find a natural yet performance-driven line to use for her clients, she decided to create her own. After years of trials with curated natural active ingredients, she’s created a natural line that's loved across the industry.