Essential Vitamin C Serum with Peptides Step 1


We combined Vitamin C, peptides, and amino acids into an effective Vitamin C serum. In this way, you can experience the amazing combination of peptides and Vitamin C in one powerful product. Within a few days, you'll notice a visible improvement in your skin's elasticity, texture, and brightness.

Pairing Vitamin C with peptides enhances the effects of both products.

When Vitamin C and peptides are used together, they strengthen each other's collagen-producing effects.

This amplifies the benefit to your skin and produces visible improvement.

It is important to apply Vitamin C serum at night or if you are using during the day, apply a 50 SPF.

Our step system 1-3. Firstly Step 1 Vitamin C Serum with Lysine- increases collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Step 2 Collagen serum with Proline- to tighten and firm the skin. Step 3 Moisturizing Day Rescue Cream or Night Cream with 5 Peptides- to add more moisture, while the amino acids work together to trigger the peptides to create smooth, plumped hydrated skin. Your skin is nourished with all these incredible ingredients along with soothing plant extracts.

All our formulations are third party tested and registered with Health Canada.