On behalf of everyone at Aiona Alive, I am thrilled to announce that our E-Citrus Exfoliating Cleanser has won first place in this year’s Clean Beauty Awards in the Face Wash category!  Every year, CertClean searches across the globe to find the best products in green and sustainable cosmetics and beauty, so we are beyond grateful for this honor. The judging process for the Clean Beauty Awards is both rigorous and lengthy, and I thank all of the judges, who come from Europe, North America, and Australia, for their time and consideration.

                  I am so excited that the judges saw what makes Aiona Alive so special: our unparalleled dedication to making high quality and effective skin care products without ever compromising our commitment to a healthier and more sustainable planet. Like all of our products, our E-Citrus Exfoliating Cleanser uses naturally sourced ingredients to create a formula that gently cleanses without causing harm to either skin or the Earth. We have always stood by the strength of our products, but we will wear this badge of honor from CertClean with great pride!

                  Winning this award is the next step in Aiona Alive’s journey, but it is far from the last. I founded our company more than ten years ago during a successful career as a makeup artist on film sets, where I saw how damaging many of the products I was using—even as a professional!—were to the skin of my clients. That sparked the start of an ongoing mission: to design a line of skincare products that were chemical-free, organic, and clean. With some generous help from the actors I worked with who volunteered to test my new line of products, I finally found a way to carry out my mission—which still continues to this day.

                  Once again, we are grateful for the diverse panel of judges at CertClean who made this possible, and for CertClean's ongoing devotion to making clean beauty products more accessible and more well-known. We are so happy to be part of the CertClean family.

                  With thanks for your continued support,

                  Lisa Strong

                  Aiona Alive Founder and CEO

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