HOW DO YOU CHOOSE WHAT GOES ON YOUR SKIN? ✨✨✨✨ I confess I was once addicted to department store beauty/skincare products and was not entirely aware of how the chemicals would affect my skin & body in a long run (now we know that many of them carry carcinogens in their formula). 🌿That being said, I learned how to better care for my skin and treat it with the respect it deserves. 🌿I love trying on products that actually restore, replenish & balance my skin using natural, non toxic ingredients and I was lucky enough to be introduced to this new skincare brand called @aionaalive 🍀 🌿 @aionaalive uses Silver Carp collagen as the main ingredient for their products. Its molecules are small thus effectively penetrating the skin, which puts this product way ahead of its counterparts. 🌿I’ve been using their Moisturizing Night Cream & the Collagen Serum every day now and I love how alive my skin feels. 🌿 Moisturizing Night Cream is the perfect cream for you if your goal is to have a tight skin, improve firmness & elasticity, reduce fine lines, & stimulate natural collagen production. 🌿The Collagen Serum is the ideal choice if you are looking to have a plumped & smooth skin. It’s also suitable for acne prone skin! Overall, This was my first time using live collagen on my skin & I was pleasantly surprise by its results. Plus, I love how well it’s absorbed by the skin. I’m definitely going to continue to use these and would love to try other products from this brand. Well done @aionaalive ✨✨ #aionaalive #cleanbeauty #greenbeautyproducts #bostonblogger #glowingskincare #faceserum #collagencream
November 19, 2019 — LISA STRONG

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