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How Exciting, We are in UK Vogue!

How Exciting, We are in UK Vogue!

I am super thrilled to have my bestselling cleanser featured in the January issue in UK Vogue magazine. #superthrilled #lifestyle #bestsellingcleanser #beauty #makeupartist #onsetlife

December 29, 2015 — LISA STRONG
The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

What is collagen?

What is collagen?


Collagen is a structural protein. Proteins are the "workhorse" molecules of our bodies various cell structures; they are building materials for living cells. Living collagen is made up of amino-acids which are found in the flesh and connective tissue of our bodies; in skin, in bones, tendons and ligaments. It is the main component of connective tissue, and is the most abundant protein in mammals, meaning us, making up about 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. Collagen is a part of the connective tissue that in the skin helps in firmness, suppleness, and constant renewal of skin cells. It is vital for skin elasticity.

Collagen helps to give strength to various structures of the body. It protects the skin by preventing absorption and spreading of pathogenic substances, environmental toxins, micro - organisms and cancerous cells. Collagen protein is the cement that holds cells and tissues together. Collagen is even the major component of hair and nails. Collagen is one of the most vital and beneficial substances in our skin.


The difference between collagen and LIVE collagen is astronomical. Until recently the use of live collagen has been extremely limited due to the detrimental results that high temperature has had on the products. Exposure to high temperatures results in irreversible structural changes to ‘live’ collagen and so reduces or negates its effectiveness by destroying the living structure. Just as overexposure to sunlight is harmful to your skin, high temperature limits the life of the most ‘live’ collagens. AIONA ALIVE has overcome this limitation. AIONA ALIVE has chosen to use live collagen derived from carefully selected and rigorously inspected fresh water Silver Carp because it can withstand higher temperatures and still remain ‘alive’. Because it remains live, the collagen derived from the Silver Carp fish provides a significant direct benefit to the revitalization and general health of your skin.

6 Sun Care Tips to Protect Your Skin

 While enjoying the benefits of Spring and Summer sunshine, be sure to 

protect yourself from harmful UVB and UVA light with our top sun care


1. Daily: Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF (30 or higher)

2. Mix a dab of sunscreen (about the size of a quarter) in with Aiona
Alive moisturizer and apply to face, next and decollage. Using Carrot seed oil and coconut oil will create a natural SPF of 40.

3. Top off the sunscreen every 2 hours your skin is exposed (more if swimming/sweating)

4. Know your UV index:

- 0-2 minimal
- 3-4 low
- 5-6 moderate
- 7-9 high
- 10+ very high

5. Take extra care when the UV is moderate or higher (use a higher SPF
and/or avoid exposure).

6. For additional protection, wear a wide brim hat & sunglasses to
protect your eyes, ears and neck.

June 24, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

Film & TV Makeup Pro Lisa Strong’s Skincare & Makeup Tips for Brides

It’s every bride’s goal to have a healthful glow and clear, problem-free skin on her wedding day. With a little preparation and the right ingredients, you’ll face your wedding with vibrant skin and a radiant glow.


How to clear up skin problems before your wedding

You may already have problem skin, allergies, psoriasis, redness or skin sensitivities. If you are using an organic skincare line, be sure to do an ingredient check using the free Think Dirty app. This will help you determine if there are any harmful ingredients lurking in your skincare that may be contributing to an imbalance.

If you are not using an organic toxin-free skin care line, be sure to make the switch well in advance of your big day. A solid skincare regime can dramatically improve your skin’s condition and tone. If you are looking for an organic skincare line, consider using Aiona Alive.

Aiona Alive skincare is PH balanced, plant-based, organic and free of chemicals. As a film and television makeup pro, I created this skincare line to help women and men look their absolute best on camera. I am not a big brand or corporation. I am a makeup professional who is passionate about skincare and health. I made Aiona Alive skincare for my film and tv clients and am now making it available to anyone who wants a healthy, organic, healing skincare regime. My hope is that both men and women will try the products, see the benefits for themselves, then share it with family and friends. But back to the brides!

On your wedding day: start with a stress-free skincare regime

To look your best on your wedding day, I recommend picking up the full line of Aiona Alive Skincare well in advance of the big day. As soon as you start you will receive immediate skin health benefits. Your skin’s PH level, moisture level and texture will begin to balance and improve. The full line includes:

  • e-Citrus Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Moisture HA Serum – Premium Hyaluronic Acid for the Face [step 1]
  • E-ternal Gold Collagen Leave on Mask (or the Acne version for sensitive skin) [step 2]
  • E-sensual Moisturizing Cream for the Face [step 3]

You can buy online through this website, or click here to go to Amazon.

Wedding day skin prep

Exfoliate and cleanse your face with Aiona Alive e-Citrus Cleanser. Your skin will be perfectly PH balanced, cleansed and exfoliated. And the natural citrus essential oils will give you an energizing lift. A great start to your day!

  1. Apply Aiona Alive Hyaluronic Acid Serum [step 1] all over face, neck and decollage. This product is safe to use on your eye area. No need for a separate eye cream as this will hydrate the entire eye area and eyebrows.
  2. Immediately apply the Aiona Alive Gold Collagen Mask [step 2] over face, neck and decollage. You will feel a tightening sensation as the HA Serum and Gold Collagen Mask penetrate the skin.
  3. After the Serum/Mask combo sets (about 5 mins), apply the Moisturizer [step 3] over face, neck and decollage.

You now have a wearable, breathable moisture mask that is the perfect primer for makeup. This regime works great on all skin types and is suitable in all climates throughout the year. The formulas are lightweight and work synergistically to provide a beautiful moisturizing, non-greasy finish.

Organic makeup tips for the bride

Begin with a foundation that matches your skin tone. Again, you’ll benefit from using organic cosmetics that are free of allergens and toxins. If you’re looking for a toxic-free cosmetic line, I recommend Sappho Organics (Click here to go to Sappho.). Sappho’s foundations & blushes pair beautifully with Aiona Alive skincare.

Be sure to get these products well in advance of your wedding day. This way you will get the full benefits of using an organic line on your skin, and you will also have plenty of time to play around with the coverage to see what’s right for you.

Pro Tip: Always set your make-up with a translucent (no color) powder.

Gorgeous shimmering bride eyes!

A golden palette on the eyes looks beautiful on all skin types and compliments all eye colors. As a fail safe, practice this look a few times before your big day. Here are the steps:

  1. Apply a dab of eye base over the eyelid and brow bone. I like Laura Mercier’s product. Buff colour for darker skin, Peach and Wheat for lighter skin. This creates a smooth canvas for the eye shadow that will last all day.
  2. Apply a soft camel colour in the eye crease to create some shape, and extend at the outer corner.
  3. On the brow bone add a lighter eyeshadow and blend downwards into the crease.
  4. On the eyelid, finish with a gold shimmer.
  5. Line the upper lash line with an espresso brown gel liner. Apply in thin short strokes and extend slightly out at the outer corner.
  6. For lower lash line, I like to use eyeshadow instead of gel liner to create a soft smoky look. Use an angled brush to apply your favorite shade of brown, grey or blue.
  7. The final and most important step for creating stunning eyes is of course MASCARA. Lashes, Lashes, Lashes….Ladies! Lavera Organics and Dr. Hauschka are great brands to try out in this department.
  8. Finally, don’t forget your eyebrows! A strong defined brow, will help frame your face. Choose a brow shadow close to your eyebrow colour for a natural look.

Pro Tip: Clean up any mistakes or smudges with a small dab of Aiona Alive e-Citrus cleanser on a q-tip (you can apply it to the back of your hand first, and just dab the q-tip to pick up a small amount. To finish, up add a little concealer under your eye.

Polish: cheeks & lips

A soft pinky rose on cheeks creates a natural blush without looking over done. I prefer a powder over a gel or cream blush. Sappho Organic’s “Emma” for cheeks work well on most skin tones.

Finish lips with a spot of color and a dab of gloss. Lavara and Sappho both make lipsticks free of contaminants in a lovely array of colors. Top it off with Sappho Organic’s “Rita” lip gloss for a perfectly sheer tinted finish.

Pro Tip: Put together a little touch up kit with cleanser, q-tips, concealer, setting powder, lip pencil and gloss for retouches throughout the day.

You now have an easy and fresh look for your wedding day that will last through all your festivities!

May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

Heal Your Skin With a Healthy Skincare Regime

Aiona Alive Founder


I’m Lisa Strong. I’ve been a professional in film and television for 18 years. I’m passionate for the art of makeup and skincare. Over the years of working on set as a makeup artist, I came face-to-face with the damaging effects of toxins on the skin.

Actors wear heavy make-up all day that is full of toxins and irritants. Eventually, the skin breaks down it’s resilience and can’t protect itself. This can trigger problematic skin conditions such as eczema, inflammation and acne.

Skin problems


A common problem that I see with actors is cystic acne. Cystic acne is red and painful and the cysts are deep in the skin. Another problem that I see often is surface redness and rosacea. When you suffer from skin problems, make-up and other cosmetics irritate the skin even more. Over treating skin can lead to unbalance and disrupt the skin’s alkalinity. It’s a vicious cycle to break.

A healthy skincare regime


It’s important to follow a daily skincare regime. But it’s also a real challenge to find skincare products that are PH balanced and free of harmful toxins and irritants. People can be completely unaware of the dangers lurking in their cosmetics and skincare products.

Convinced I could find a better solution, I began to experiment with natural ingredients. I wanted to create a skin care regime that would cleanse, hydrate and support skin before the makeup went on. And also treated the skin when the makeup came off.

Skincare free of chemical toxins


I began to test my formulas with actors on set. After 3 years of trial, error and feedback I arrived at 4 premium products that work beautifully together. Aiona Alive was born!

Aiona Alive is high performance skin care. It’s made from ingredients that are clean, simple and effective. Each ingredient I selected provides a natural benefit. The products are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. This skincare heals most skin conditions and helps prevent breakouts.

A wearable breathable moisture mask


It starts with the e-Citrus Cleanser followed by the Serum, Mask and Moisturizer. When used together, they work as a complete skincare regime to heal, nourish and protect skin. I like to call it a wearable, breathable moisture mask.

The Cleanser is our best seller. It’s has a super fresh scent derived from essential oils. It foams without any harsh chemical agents. And it contains a powerhouse of antioxidants and gently exfoliates. It’s PH balanced and safe to use twice a day. It won’t strip your skin.

The Serum’s chief ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, which is super hydrating and can penetrate deeply into the skin. This acts as a carrier for the Mask which key ingredient is Collagen. Used together, they work at the cellular level of the skin to support collagen regrowth. The finishing step is to apply the Moisturizer which has a gentle plumping effect and is chalk full of antioxidants, anti-aging plant extracts and essential oils. Pure health care for your skin! The moisturizer locks in all of the active ingredients and provides a beautiful lightweight finish. It also works amazingly on its own as a makeup primer.

Real structural skin benefits and support


So far the feedback on the product line and the results have been fantastic. And as an added bonus, it has made my job easier on set because now as a make-up artist I have beautiful skin to work with!

May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

On set with Shiri Appleby

Aiona Alive gets rave reviews from Shiri Appleby, star of the T.V show UnReal.

May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

Niche Magazine

Check it out! We are in Niche Magazine!
May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

ESI Spa Tradeshow

We had a very successful show at the Vancouver ESI Spa. We generated a lot of interest with Aiona.The buzz being that our products are 100% synthetic chemical free!The Attendees loved the way Aiona felt on their skin and the fragrance, they walked away with fresh and nourished skin.

We had fun setting up our booth, lots of colour and visually striking, with limited resources. Check out our photos below!

May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

Aiona Alive launch party!

So many wonderful people coming together to support us in our launch and BWSS! Thanks to all of our family and friends!! Thank you Joseph at the Waterfall Building. Thanks to Vernard of LuvnGrace. Thank you to Jenneil of Modern Working Woman. Thanks to Yves Decary, JoAnn Fowler and Harry Leonard for participating with their art, cosmetics and photography! And special thanks to the cast and crew of Arctic Air. It was a special evening for us because of all of you!

May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

Written Testimonial From Adam Beach

Lisa started using her skin care products, Aiona Alive on my skin towards the end of last season on Artic Air. I noticed after a few days that the texture and feel of my skin had started to change.

Since using Aiona Alive skincare this season, I’ve noticed a significant change in the overall look of my skin. With the 0-3 steps, using the acne collagen, the texture of my skin is smoother , my acne scars are softening, I have far fewer acne breakouts and I have an overall youthful glow to my skin.

As an actor in the film industry working on set up to 17 hours a day, I wear a lot of makeup – everyday. It’s great to know that my skin is protected while being nourished and healed with Aiona Alive Skincare.

In all my years working in film I have never found a skincare product that actually does the job.

May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

Fashion Forward Designs with Nancy Perreault

Fun & flirty or glitz & glam, Nancy Perreault creates “wearable art” and Avant Garde, fashion forward designs. We are very excited to have Nancy bring her fashion flair to our Aiona Alive launch November 30th at The Waterfall Building. Visit her site at

April 08, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky