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May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

ESI Spa Tradeshow

We had a very successful show at the Vancouver ESI Spa. We generated a lot of interest with Aiona.The buzz being that our products are 100% synthetic chemical free!The Attendees loved the way Aiona felt on their skin and the fragrance, they walked away with fresh and nourished skin.

We had fun setting up our booth, lots of colour and visually striking, with limited resources. Check out our photos below!

May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

Aiona Alive launch party!

So many wonderful people coming together to support us in our launch and BWSS! Thanks to all of our family and friends!! Thank you Joseph at the Waterfall Building. Thanks to Vernard of LuvnGrace. Thank you to Jenneil of Modern Working Woman. Thanks to Yves Decary, JoAnn Fowler and Harry Leonard for participating with their art, cosmetics and photography! And special thanks to the cast and crew of Arctic Air. It was a special evening for us because of all of you!

May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

Written Testimonial From Adam Beach

Lisa started using her skin care products, Aiona Alive on my skin towards the end of last season on Artic Air. I noticed after a few days that the texture and feel of my skin had started to change.

Since using Aiona Alive skincare this season, I’ve noticed a significant change in the overall look of my skin. With the 0-3 steps, using the acne collagen, the texture of my skin is smoother , my acne scars are softening, I have far fewer acne breakouts and I have an overall youthful glow to my skin.

As an actor in the film industry working on set up to 17 hours a day, I wear a lot of makeup – everyday. It’s great to know that my skin is protected while being nourished and healed with Aiona Alive Skincare.

In all my years working in film I have never found a skincare product that actually does the job.

May 06, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky

Fashion Forward Designs with Nancy Perreault

Fun & flirty or glitz & glam, Nancy Perreault creates “wearable art” and Avant Garde, fashion forward designs. We are very excited to have Nancy bring her fashion flair to our Aiona Alive launch November 30th at The Waterfall Building. Visit her site at

April 08, 2015 — Julian Kaminsky